How do psychologists deal with panic attacks?

  1. How can I overcome my panic?
  2. Understand your body's natural fight and flight response.
  3. Understand your panic symptoms and thoughts.
  4. Face fears of your body sensations with interoceptive exposure.
  5. Confront your fears by overcoming avoidance.

Similarities and differences

Their titles sound similar, and they're both trained to diagnose and treat people with mental health conditions. Yet psychologists and psychiatrists aren't the same. Each of these professionals has a different educational background, training, and role in treatment. Psychiatrists have a medical degree along with advanced qualifications from residency and a specialty in psychiatry. They use talk therapy, medications, and other treatments to treat people with mental health conditions. Psychologists have an advanced degree, such as a Ph.D. or PsyD. Most commonly, they use talk therapy to treat mental health conditions. They may also act as consultants along with other healthcare providers or study therapy for entire treatment programs.

Both types of providers must be licensed in their area to practice. Psychiatrists are also licensed as medical doctors.

Simonton therapy 16-8-2021
Simonton therapy is a therapy that uses imagery, relaxation exercises, breathing techniques, and cognitive therapy. it is a therapy with the vision that you can influence physical well-being by how you feel, how you think, and how you treat yourself and others. Carl Simonton has developed his methods and techniques with the aim of helping cancer patients. It has now become clear that his methods are suitable for people with various physical complaints and forms of mental stress. This will be displayed in the Hypnotherapy course. This training is available in 2022

VDEO Advance your practice through continued learning 23-7-2021
A successful counselor stays ahead of the curve and continues to expand their knowledge as their career progresses. The counseling field is always growing with research and new findings. There may be a new way to apply a counseling technique to a mental health concern that was previously unexplored. As a professional counselor, in any specialty and field, it can even be required by licensure and certification to engage in continuing education credits and research. You may also wish to explore additional professional certifications and doctoral programs for counselors.

New TCM now available...In the home training Working with Chinese Medicines, the origin and modern application of these forms of therapy are discussed. You will become acquainted with the origin of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and the forms of therapy that have emerged from it. We look at the balance and possible imbalance of humans -yin and yang- and the importance of the elements. Attention is also paid to pulse and tongue diagnosis, as well as acupressure and massage techniques based on Tuina. VDEO Price 3550,- dollars

How does stress affect the body?

If you're constantly under stress, you can have physical symptoms, such as headaches, an upset stomach, high blood pressure, chest pain, and problems with sex and sleep. Stress can also lead to emotional problems, depression, panic attacks, or other forms of anxiety and worry.

What are 5 effects of stress?

On your body On your mood On your behavior
Headache Anxiety Overeating or undereating
Muscle tension or pain Restlessness Angry outbursts
Chest pain Lack of motivation or focus Drug or alcohol misuse
Fatigue Feeling overwhelmed Tobacco use

How can you stay connected with your team, keep the feeling that you belong? We sometimes hear people say: after the merger the content of the work has decreased, but the nice colleagues and the fact that they really work together make it worthwhile. Nice colleagues are worth gold.
Competence also plays a role: does the job suit you, or is it time to look for another position? What is job crafting and what is involved. Maybe it is time to look for another organization? Or can you take on tasks that make your work challenging again?
Do you agree with the values, mission and vision of the company you work for? Are you proud of your organization?

This topic is covered in Stress and Burnout Coach online training 23-4-2021

Mental Limits 16/3/2021

Mental boundaries are about your thoughts, your values, your opinions. are you sensitive to the suggestions of others? Do you easily get carried away in a passionate argument?

Do you know what you stand for, what you believe in, what your opinions are, and can you defend them when others question you about them? Can you listen with an open mind to what others think of something, without becoming rigid about it? Or do you immediately get upset if you disagree with something?

9/2/2021  Why start with a home study?

There could be several reasons why you are thinking about going back to college. For example, you notice that the training you have ever completed does not (anymore) meet the requirements in the workplace. You want to make a career switch, you aspire to a managerial position or you have never been able to obtain a diploma and you still want to do this.

Stress and Burn Out Coach 

Home Study Millions of people experience to a greater or lesser extent that they are 'Up'. They report their burnout complaints. They are tired, they feel exhausted. Their performance decreases, they feel emotional distance and alienation from work, colleagues, and the company where they work. people feel up physically, emotionally, and spiritually. This training deals with all aspects of stress and burnout. When do you have healthy stress, for example before an important exam, when unhealthy stress? What is the difference between exhaustion and burnout? And more importantly, how do you recognize the symptoms? There are different definitions for stress. Stress can be something that happens in the environment or be the result of the way someone treats his environment. In the latter case, an event is stressful if someone experiences it that way. It can also be a physical response to a stressful experience. Those who are inclined to act immediately in stressful situations can become discouraged when a situation is simply not controllable. If you also want to become a Stress and Burnout Coch, you can write for this home education in March 

New, Now available Child Home Education.

Child psychology focuses on how children interact with each other and how they influence each other's thoughts, behavior, and feelings. But also in family life, at school with friends, recognizing mental or physical abuse, processing trauma, high sensitivity but also ADHD and so much more. In other words, child psychology seeks answers to the question of how children and their environment can influence a child's behavior.

During your training, we will work together intensively in homework guidance and support to bring your training to a successful conclusion. I was born in the capital of Amsterdam as Samara Vlok. The didactic and educational field and the theory interested me quite early on. After an instructive eight-year pedagogical, and psychological training, I am in possession of teaching qualification and competence in psychology.

As a teacher and trainer in social and child psychology, I come into contact with issues relating to influencing behavior and the development and change of prejudices on a daily basis. I always experience it as a great pleasure to take people along step by step in the training of child psychology. It is a grateful gesture if, after successfully completing the child psychology training, a student has gained knowledge about child problems and to put the solution into practice.

Price Child Psychology Education $ 3.900.00

Narcissistic personality disorder - one of several types of personality disorders - is a mental condition in which people have an inflated sense of their own importance, a deep need for excessive attention and admiration, troubled relationships, and a lack of empathy for others. But behind this mask of extreme confidence lies a fragile self-esteem that's vulnerable to the slightest criticism.

Narcissistic personality disorder causes problems in many areas of life, such as relationships, work, school, or financial affairs. People with a narcissistic personality disorder may be generally unhappy and disappointed when they're not given the special favors or admiration they believe they deserve. They may find their relationships unfulfilling, and others may not enjoy being around them.

Treatment for narcissistic personality disorder centers around talk therapy (psychotherapy).

16/01/2021 Professor Angela Smit Teacher VDEO 

The numbers don't lie. A recent study by TNO commissioned by the government showed that stress has become the number 1 occupational disease. 36% of work-related absenteeism is caused by work stress. One million American people experience to a greater or lesser extent that they are 'used up'. They report burnout complaints. They are tired, they feel exhausted.

Their performance decreases, they feel emotional distance and alienation from work, colleagues, and the company where they work. People feel up physically, emotionally, and spiritually.

The training "Stress and Burnout Coach deals with all aspects of stress and burnout. When do you have healthy stress, for example before an important exam, when unhealthy stress? What is the difference between exhaustion and burnout? 

And more importantly, how do you recognize the symptoms?

New Stress Burnout coach. The education is available in February 2021

In this Stress and Burnout Coach training, you will learn how to coach others (possibly from your own practice) to deal with stress in a healthy way and to recover from burnout in a good and responsible way. Of course, the training also offers sufficient information to get started with your own stress complaints. Online training provides many surprising insights!

Price of this Home Education Download Version 650 dollars - Sending Paper Version 799, dollars.

Everything is energy. And the core, the essence of the universe is an energy of love or complete harmony and order. Whenever you experience love, you literally give space to that flow of life-force energy. It reminds the core of yourself of who you are as energy. And it aligns all the molecules in your body to function harmoniously. Not only physically but also mentally. With the studies of the VDEO, we will often encounter talk about energy in studies such as Ayurveda, but also TCM and Psychology. 22/12/2020

News 14/12/2020

Just wait a little longer and then the time has come. Child Psychology home training is almost available. How wonderful it is to be able to follow your desired training from home. In this difficult time to still be able to follow the desired study at home. And soon when Corona is over, you can fully set up your own Child Psychology practice.

Furthermore, we expect a new Study Diet Therapist, TCM Doctor home training, and also the Burnout Coaching Training. All this is coming in 2021.

Say what's bothering you: it's not that easy yet. Three-quarters of people who "hassle" with others worry or gossip about it instead of speaking up, our own research recently showed - that's how afraid we are of confrontation or even more hassle.

Another thing: 63% of people with stress complaints have been dealing with this for more than a year. More than a year! What a mountain of wakeful nights and busy hours of leisure!

Annoyances, worries, and doubts that keep pushing you away: they eat energy. That is why we are starting a campaign together with Coachfinder this month: tackle what is bothering you. Swallow that frog, have that tricky conversation, get yourself together, get help.

Teacher VDEO Institute "Pepe Anranz" 19/11/2020

Continuing to walk around with a question or problem does no one any good. You can get stressed, down, or even depressed. Talking about it can really help you. We asked several experts about why it is so important to talk instead of worry.

Why don't we talk sooner?

Apparently, we find it very difficult to talk about what is not going well in our lives and to do something about it. Social psychology professor Daan Brown explains why: "We disguise our imperfections and employ all kinds of strategies to gain appreciation, attention, or love and make a good impression on others. In the meantime, we hide our doubts and insecurities. Also because being rejected for who you really are is very painful. "

Shame for your vulnerability

According to professor Johan Schultz, known for the bestseller The Power of Vulnerability, most people do not like to be vulnerable. "You don't want to have to ask for help. Or having to tell you that you don't understand something. Or admit that you are not proud of something - or proud. Vulnerability is surrounded by shame. Shame for your flaws, for your wishes, your weaknesses, your mistakes. "Soon they'll think I'm stupid," or "Soon he won't want me anymore". "Clinical Psychology Teacher VDEO. Education available in 2021 14-11/2020

The divine serpent

Kundalini is most often described throughout the world as a serpent, and around, the pulsating serpent of light that ascends into our physical body. Kundalini was first described in this way in ancient Vedic and Tantric scriptures. Kundalini Yoga, the Kundalini initially moves up through energy channels that run along our spine and are called 'Nadis. While the Kundalini is climbing During or not during yoga, the seven chakras are activated, energy centers that also lie along the spine and form the connection between body and mind. On the teacher shelf of Kundalini Yoga have a whole package to become the Master of Kundalini Yoga. Includes Kundalini pregnancy yoga teacher training. Training that you can take in many directions. If you have lost your job because of Corona, Kundalini Yoga training is really something for you. Fully and completely certified.

Soon we give you the link for Registration to complete Kundalini Yoga Teacher.

How to be social with each other?

Generally, loneliness is a negative condition resulting from a state of aloneness. People who desire more interpersonal relationships than they actually have can develop feelings of loneliness. How much social connectedness a person needs influences how much aloneness they can tolerate.

However, it is not the number of social relationships that determine whether people feel lonely. Rather, it is the emotional and cognitive reactions the individual experiences in relation to these connections that play a role in experiencing loneliness. For example, social interactions where an individual feels the following are associated with loneliness:


Emotional conflict

Lack of social support

Social Psychology Education Home Study now with a big study discount: 

New home education in 2021 TCM Medicine.

Acupuncture and herbalism existed as folk medicine before TCM developed. These remedies stem from shamanism, in which illness was seen as a disturbance of the state of mind due to a disharmony in the supernatural spirit world. According to this animistic experience, it was necessary to make holes in the body to let the evil spirits fly away. At the time, this was done with swords and arrowheads, while now only hair needles are used. Chinese medicine could only emerge when people no longer saw illness as a supernatural phenomenon, but as a natural process, the cause of which must be sought in natural descriptions. Sign up for the newsletter and you will be informed about the latest training courses and explanations of the different doctor training courses. Deepening the expectations of the written texts.

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Everything about Social psychology compared to sociology, big five, correspondence bias, Self-serving and defensive attributions, Culture, and self-serving/defensive attributions. Prejudices and the emergence of prejudices Prejudices and the attribution theory Summary Homework assignments. The complete Social Psychology you can read on the explanation everything about Social Psychology.


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