Study conditions Chanoa
For your security, Chanoa likes to make good arrangements with you.
1. Registration
You can register for a course via our website Chanoa Homepage (kundaliniyogaonlineglobal.com), After registration, you will receive a confirmation of your registration. By registering, you agree to the study conditions and you enter into a study agreement with Chanoa.

2. Study start
The education, as well as the trial period, begins with the receipt of your teaching materials. Decisive for changes in the agreement is the day on which the written announcement is received by Chanoa.

3. Study material
You will receive all study materials free of postage. For students who study from different countries, the full tuition fee must be paid in advance before the education is sent. (Paper Version and Download Version).

4. Personal guidance from your remote teacher (optional)
For most education, you can opt for professional and individual guidance from a personal teacher. How to get in touch with him or her is explained after registration in the Online membership. (psychologic information) Monthly update.

5. Can I take longer on an education?
You can safely take longer than a normal online education duration. For education with the help of a teacher, you have up to 3 years after receiving your education material the opportunity to send in homework for correction and to ask questions to the teacher.

6. Extension of your study guidance possible
After the usual study guide for a period of 3 years, (if you choose this) you can request an extension of the study guidance via Homepage (kundaliniyogaonlineglobal.com) The costs for an extension of study guidance for 1 year are 100 dollars if you choose an extension for another 3 years, the costs are 150 dollars.

7. Correction of your homework (for education with the help of a personal teacher)
In most classes, you will find homework assignments to submit. You send your homework to your personal teacher, who corrects the homework within 10 days and sends it back to you with a mark. Submitting homework online via the digital learning environment is at no extra cost. Postage costs for return and return of homework by post are for the account of the student.

8. Officially Recognized Diploma, Official Chanoa Diploma, Certificate
Many of our education can be concluded with an exam for a nationally officially recognized diploma. Look at the Homepage (kundaliniyogaonlineglobal.com) for the education of your choice under the heading "Exam and Diploma". Most courses allow you to take an open-book exam at home for the official Chanoa diploma. The examination fee is included if you indicate that you want to take the open book exam during your registration (step 2). You can also register for the open book exam afterward. Most courses allow you to submit homework for correction (only if you choose an education with the help of a teacher).

9. Exams are taken by an external examination body
The student is responsible for registering for these exams. For information regarding the examination conditions, such as examination dates, examination fees, etc., the education participant must contact the relevant external examination authority directly. Under no circumstances can Chanoa be held liable for any interim adjustments to the examination conditions (such as examination dates and examination fees) by the relevant external examination body. Under no circumstances can these adjustments give rise to any (financial) compensation by Chanoa.

10. The certainty of unchanged tuition fees
The current tuition fees can be found on our website and in the study brochure. Your tuition remains the same throughout the course of the course. If the student does not meet the agreed payment obligation, Chanoa can interrupt the sending of the course material and any study support until the payment arrears have been made up. Moreover, access to the digital learning environment will no longer be possible. If Chanoa starts a collection procedure, the total tuition and registration fees (including installments not yet invoiced) will become immediately due and payable. The amount to be collected is increased by collection costs, in accordance with the Collection Costs Act. After payment of the tuition and registration fees, lessons are sent again and the student can again use the study guide. Cancellation is no longer possible after transfer to the collection agency.

11. Personal information
We assure you that your personal data will only be used for your home study. This registration is registered with the College Bescherming Persoonsgegevens, Hungarian under number M1499086. You may receive current offers from Chanoa, whether or not in collaboration with other providers. If you do not want further information about current offers, you can object to Chanoa in writing at any time.

12. Customer service
Chanoa makes every effort to ensure that your studies run smoothly and without problems. If you nevertheless have a complaint, we request that you report this in writing to SSMHG, Postbus 8088, 5901 AB Venlo. Chanoa will make every effort to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible and to your complete satisfaction. Any liability of Laudius will never exceed the tuition and registration fees paid by you.

13. Any more questions?
email to: studies-ssmhg@outlook.com

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